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Over the last 30 years we have been promoting the most exciting  technological breakthrough since dietary supplements first came onto the  market in the 1930's. Today we can take a look back and be proud of all  the technological innovations we have given to the world, as the trends  move to what we knew all along, that sprays are the best form of  delivery, spraying a liquid vitamin and swallowing that instead of  taking pills.

We are still leading the way with over 25 doctors,  scientists and food technologists that have played a role in formulating  the World's only patented spray nutrient. Plus now all of our products  are Gluten free, and most of the products are Vegetarian friendly, Vegan  friendly and Diabetic friendly. You can rest assured that VitaMist is  still on the cutting edge of technology.

We are dedicated to  being the purest and most natural nutrition that money can buy, plus we  are always striving for the greatest tasting products. VitaMist gives  value that no other company can come close to.

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VitaMist Id # L61423

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